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Walton County Office

The Walton County District Attorney's Office is located at:

303 South Hammond Drive, Suite 334

Monroe, GA 30655

You can reach our office at 770-267-1355.

District Attorney:

Randy McGinley, 


Chief Assistant District Attorney: 

Cliff Howard, 

Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney

Jillian Hall,

Senior Assistant District Attorney:

Jacqueline Fletcher, 

Chief Investigator:

Josh Chambers,

Deputy Chief Investigation:

Eric Yarbrough, 

Office Manager: 
Jan McGaughey, 

Senior Legal Assistant: Melanie Sims, 

Victim Services Director Kim Kelly, 

Senior Victim Advocate: Donna Brandenburg, 

Courtroom teams:

Judge Jeffrey Foster's Court:

Assistant District Attorney Lacey Wheeler,

Assistant District Attorney Ayman Tartir,

Deputy Chief Investigator Eric Yarbrough,

Investigator Melindy White, 

Victim Services Director Kim Kelly,

Victim Advocate Leighanna Waddell, 

Legal Assistant Melanie Sims, 

Judge Kevin Morris's Court:

Assistant District Attorney Dave Williamson,

Assistant District Attorney Devin Fogle,

Investigator Artie Turner, 

Victim Advocate Suzanna Maulfair,

Legal Assistant Lisa Knight,

Judge Layla Zon's Court:

Assistant District Attorney Tara Murphy,

Investigator Alicia Chandlger,

Senior Victim Advocate Donna Brandenburg,

Legal Assistant Heather Johnson,

Judge Cheveda McCamy's Court:

Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Jillian Hall,

Investigator Stephen Pearce,

Victim Advocate Jayme Willingham, 

Legal Assistant Karen Boss,

Judge Ken Wynne's Court:

Senior Assistant District Attorney Jacqueline Fletcher,

Assistant District Attorney Kyle Thompson, 

Investigator Denney Wells,

Victim Advocate Kathy Smith,

Legal Assistant Lucy Repp,

Resource Court/Veterans Court:

Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Jillian Hall,

Drug Court:

Senior Assistant District Attorney Andria Allen,

Juvenile Court:

Assistant District Attorney Vanessa Webber,

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