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  • Randy McGinley

Newest Order Extending Judicial Emergency and Grand Juries

Today, the Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court issued the 6th Extension of the Statewide Judicial Emergency.

This most recent Order allows for Grand Jury Proceedings to restart:

During this Judicial Emergency, I, along with my offices, have been working together with the Judges, Clerk's Offices, Sheriff's Offices, Public Defender Offices, and private defense attorneys in both Newton and Walton Counties to ensure court is able to continue running and in a safe manner. However, since Grand Juries were suspended on March 14, 2020, each county has approximately 200 cases that are unable to proceed through court without first being presented to the Grand Jury. This includes murders, rapes, child molestations, armed robberies, burglaries, and other felony crimes. This delay affects victims, defendants, witnesses, and the community. The District Attorney's Office is working long hours to ensure that these cases can be presented to a Grand Jury in the near future and to ensure that we do so in a way that is safe. I have been meeting with Linda Hays, Clerk of the Newton County Superior Court, and Karen David, Clerk of the Walton County Superior Court, over the last few weeks in anticipation of this most recent Order to begin working on restarting Grand Jury and doing so in a safe manner for jurors, courthouse staff, and witnesses. More information will be provided to the public over the coming days and weeks as we work together with all of the above agencies. I have attached the most recent Order as well as the Guidance Documents issued by the Supreme Court. The District Attorney's Office and all other agencies will follow the Guidance and Best Practices put in place by the Supreme Court.

- Randy McGinley

FINAL_Sixth SJEO_as issued
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