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DA Randy McGinley announces office leadership

Upon becoming the Acting District Attorney in June and being elected as the District Attorney in November, I have spent hours reviewing the structure and policies of the DA's office. Having been a prosecutor in this circuit since 2011 and as the Chief Assistant from 2017- 2020, I have worked extensively in both Newton and Walton Counties. Both these offices are full of incredible individuals that work hard to help the people of our communities.

I am proud to announce that my office will have two Chief Assistants, one in charge of each office:

Cliff Howard is our Chief Assistant in the Walton County Office. Cliff has been a prosecutor in Walton County since 2006. He has prior experience in private practice representing victims of crimes and was previously the Chief Assistant in the DeKalb County Solicitor's Office in the mid-1990s. He has handled the many of the most serious and complicated cases in our Walton Office for years. Additionally, he has years of experience supervising attorneys and assisting the many agencies that we work with.

Amber Dally is our Chief Assistant in the Newton County Office. As a career prosecutor, Amber has been prosecuting with our Newton Office since 2014. Amber has been a supervising attorney for a number of years that also handled the prosecution of the most complicated and difficult cases. Additionally, Amber has been the prosecutor assigned to the Newton County Felony Drug Court Program for about two years.

Amber and Cliff, as the Chief Assistants, will be assisting DA Randy McGinley in supervising and managing each office. They will also handle many of the serious violent felonies and other complicated cases. Additionally, they will be heavily involved in working with all of the agencies that work with our office: law enforcement, DFCS, child advocacy centers, and other community partners.

Additionally, each office will have a Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney. Rich Vandever in Newton and Jennifer Hendee in Walton. Additionally, Jillian Hall is a Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney that is assigned to Resource Courts in each county, Veterans Court in Newton County, and as a supervising attorney in Newton County. Jacqueline Fletcher and Bailey Wilkinson are the Senior Assistant District Attorneys in each office. They will assist in the supervision of other ADAs while handling a wide range of cases including murders, sex crimes, and other complicated matters.

I have also included the updated organization chart for the Alcovy Circuit. Over the coming days, I will be highlighting the other senior members of the office as well as the non-attorney members of the leadership team.

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