• Randy McGinley

Criminal Court Schedule for the Week of August 17, 2020:

From Randy McGinley: Criminal Court schedule for the week of August 10:

Superior Court:

- Monday, August 17, Walton County criminal court with Judge Zon presiding.

- Tuesday, August 18: Newton County criminal court with Judge Ott presiding.

- Wednesday, August 19: Walton County criminal court with Judge Ott presiding.

- Thursday, August 20: Newton County criminal court with Judge Zon presiding.

Magistrate Court: - Wednesday, August 19: Newton County preliminary hearings with Judge Bell presiding.

- Walton County: No preliminary hearings this week.

- For the Superior Court calendars. in custody defendant matters will be handled via video conference with the jail in the morning. For Superior Court, out of custody matters will be handled after lunch. - Defense attorneys: Please contact the ADA assigned to your case by noon the day before court to let them know if you will be attending court remotely. Our ADAs will provide you the login credentials for the video conference link.

Both courthouses require masks and a health screening to enter. The IT departments will be streaming court into additional courtrooms so that the public may observe court while maintaining appropriate social distancing. If there are any questions, please contact the Court or the District Attorney's Office.

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Newton County:

T: 770-784-2070

Walton County

T: 770-267-1355