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Today, Randy McGinley was sworn in as the District Attorney of the Alcovy Judicial Circuit, covering Newton and Walton Counties. Randy served has served as the Acting District Attorney since June 2, 2020. He now officially takes office as the District Attorney for a four year term.

Randy was sworn in as District Attorney by Judge Layla Zon at the Historic Courthouse in Monroe, Walton County. He was joined for the oath by his wife and two daughters. Also in attendance were Randy's parents and in-laws, members of the DA's Offices, all of the Superior Court Judges (Chief Judge Ott, Judge Benton, Judge Wynne, Judge Zon, Judge McCamy, and Judge Foster), members of local law enforcement, and friends.

From Randy: I look forward to continuing to serve the people of Newton and Walton Counties as I have for almost 10 years. Our offices are full of wonderful individuals that work day in and day out to achieve justice and help victims of crimes in our communities. I assure you that we will continue to be DA's Office that always strives to do the right thing and works harder than anyone to achieve that. I remain committed to working with the community to ensure that Newton and Walton Counties are a place where we want to raise our families.

I cannot thank my wife and family enough for their love and support. I also want to thank everyone that came today and all those that could not but have supported and helped me along the way. Thank you to the people of Newton and Walton County who have entrusted me in this job. And finally, I want to thank everyone in the Newton and Walton DA's Offices for their hard work and dedication in serving our communities.

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Chief Justice Harold Melton just announced that he will be issuing an Order that cancels all jury trials in the State until at least the middle of February.

Both Newton and Walton had been preparing for jury trials for the week of January 11th. This included regular meetings with the judges, DA's Office, defense attorneys, law enforcement, health departments, and others to ensure they would be conducted in a manner that was safe for everyone. However, the rise in numbers of positive cases of Covid-19 was on our radar and something that we were all watching closely.

Anyone that received a notice to appear or a subpoena for jury trials to begin on January 11th does not need to appear in court that day. Our offices are working to make sure everyone knows of this cancellation. Further updates will be shared when there is relevant news.

Currently, only jury trials have been cancelled. Jury trials vary greatly from other court matters because a much larger number of individuals must be summoned to the courthouse so that jury selection can be conducted. Therefore, other criminal and civil court is still moving forward with an emphasis on handling matters using video conferencing when possible.

The DA's Office will continue to be a part of this process in ensuring that the justice system can still function but does so in a safe manner. - District Attorney Randy McGinley

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On Thursday, December 3, Newton County held its 2020 Service Awards Ceremony at the Turner Lake Banquet Hall. This ceremony was to congratulate those that have served as county employees for at least 5 years and then in 5 year increments after that. Three employees with the District Attorney's Office were honored. Chief Investigator Jill Lumpkin (far left in picture), Legal Assistant Anita Carroll (far right in picture), and Victim Advocate Shay Payne (not pictured) were honored for their 15 years of service to Newton County. Legal Assistant Cami Odum (middle in picture) was honored for her 10 years of service to Newton County. Please join me in congratulating these three wonderful ladies and their dedication to the people of Newton County. - Randy McGinley

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